Home Assistant OS crashes weekly

I’m using the latest HA OS on a rpi4. It is quite strange, but it seems I find it not responding every Monday morning. The website can be opened - sometimes I see only the logo, sometimes the page comes up but I get error messages when I click on any menu items. I have ftp and ssh set up - I cannot connect either.
Power off/on rpi solves the problem. But after that I find no clue about what happened. I tried changing the power supply and the sd card (anyway they are both quite ok quality ones).
I don’t have any own automation running especially between Sunday evening and Monday morning.
Would it help solving if I make an automation to backup the log every 10 minutes? Or any other idea how to find the root cause?

did you try a new SD card

Search the forum. There are a few other threads about this. Seems to be something to do with an SD card check that runs early every Monday.


The solution is to replace the SD card.

Looks like some cron.weekly task gets stuck
Please check your /etc/cron schedules what and when is set up. Maybe it will give you some clue

Thank you, I’ll try with a 3rd SD card then

The 3rd SD card survived its first Monday. Let’s hope that’s the solution.

If you still have problems with the new SD try downgrading to OS version 5.3. My crashes were random, so it might be a different cause, but it fixed the issue for me.