Home Assistant OS Crashes

Hey everyone hope someone might be able to help me diagnose an issue i have.

i have Home Assistant installed on rPi4 2GB which has been running perfectly up until the last week or so. when at random times throughout the day it seems to balls out…

i get “Time Out” errors from most of integrations (Hue, Xbox, Govee, Pi Hole just to name a few - i’m unable to access to the supervisor page… i cannot restart via HA itself so i have to unplug and plug back in.

Typically its happening in the middle of night (looking at the logs) at about 5ish but i have seen it happen at 4-6 in the afternoon/ evening as well

Nothing has changed barring adding a Xioami motion sensor to ZHA and updating to 2021.5 - Yesterday i downgraded back to 2021.4.6 but still had the issue this morning so i have updated to the latest version again - i have removed the motion sensor from ZHA although not sure how this would cause issues.

Any ideas to how diagnose and fix?

I seem to be having the same issue as well. I see the “Reconnecting…” frequently. Seems to happen when accessing it, as overnight it seems to run fine.
I thought it was related to an integration, so disabled and removed but has not fixed issue. I reverted back to over a week ago just to see if the issue was a recent update and after dropping the db and re adding due to db errors, issue still persists.

Glad it’s not only me having issues, my home Assistant is on version 2021.5.3 - some times the lovelace interface is available and other times it’s not. i can still ask google to turn the lights on and off etc but i can not access lovelace. anyone else seeing this? i have even rebuilt and restored just the addons that have been working for the past year but probelm comes back :frowning: