Home Assistant OS - docker high cpu

I am running Home Assistant OS on my Intel Nuc esxi host. I have allocated 6 CPUs to that VM.
When I look at glances, CPU usage the HA OS is very low. But CPU usage for dockers is near 80-90% (I am running Frigate addon so high CPU is expected).
I suspect that docker on Home Assistant OS is not using all 6 CPUs - how do I check that ?
And if in fact docker is only using 1 CPU, how do I tell it to use all of them?

That doesn’t mean much by itself.

  1. By HA OS, do you mean the Homeassistant process?
  2. By “dockers”, do you mean addon containers, or…?
  3. You see processes running inside docker. If the dockerd process (docker itself) takes 80/90% of a CPU, you have a problem.
  4. You don’t say if it’s the overall CPU usage or per process one. Per process, 100% = 1 CPU, thus you would have > 100% for processes using multiple CPU’s.

Now, it could be a specific way of displaying of glances, but then it doesn’t tell me much :wink: