Home Assistant OS does not work in virtual box


i have installed hassio in virtual box, network bridged, but if i log in into the url homeassistant.local:8123 ist does not work - any idwas? Firewall is off.

Try with the ip address of the VM instead.


I have not used Hassio ( now HaOS) in years. I see now you have a prompt. Try ifconfig -a to see if it gives the ip address or try ip addr.

Hi, in cmd or hassio? In both the command ifconfig -a does not work? But maybe extension pack is important?

In Hassio. Does ip addr work? In hassio, can you ping the ip address of your home router? If it can ping the ip address it can reach the Internet.

Login to the console.

ha> login
nmcli con edit "Home Assistant OS default"
set ipv4.dns
ha host reboot

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