Home Assistant OS doesn't show up on fresh flash

So I’ve been having an issue where I can only use Home Assistant via docker or another install method. Using HassOS doesn’t seem to work except for on a virtual machine.

Basically, I’ve been flashing the image to 3 different Raspberry Pi 4s connected via wired ethernet to either my home network or another private network. Once I put the SD cards in and boot, I let them run for probably 4-8 hours, periodically running a network-wide IP scan to see if anything at all shows up.

Raspbian shows up, a docker install shows up, and running HassOS on a VM shows up. But with HassOS on a Raspberry Pi, nothing shows up, and homeassistant.local never works, across 3 Pis and 2 networks.

No modifications. Just flashing the image from the latest Pi Imager and popping it in. It used to work, so I wasn’t sure if some update to the image broke its ability to detect ethernet.

What’s rough is that I specifically need HassOS, because I’m trying to do some tests with the SkyConnect module, and any configuration of the module is locked behind “You must be running Hass OS to do this”.