Home Assistant OS Installation on Proxmox VE 7 Tutorial

I recently needed to reinstall Home Assistant on Proxmox VE 7 and found that the excellent script by Whiskerz007 no longer works. I wanted Home Assistant with the Supervisor I was not able to find succinct and clear instructions for the installation and that is why I made this tutorial.


FYI, that’s not Supervised, that’s Home Assistant OS.

Supervised is an entirely different install method, and one that I’m glad to see you’re not using :smiley:

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Yes, after re-reading the documentation see your point. Thank you for correcting me.
What I was aiming to achieve was getting a supervised version of HA on Proxmox VE 7 using a supported method of installation because my previous installation, using the Whiskerz7 script kept crashing every few days. Then when I tried to reinstall using the script, it would not work.
The HA documentation for installing on Proxmox was in broad strokes and did not include all the details.

Unfortunately with the latest Proxmox and the latest disk image, this is not working for me.
After I start VM I am seeing following

Hi Alexander,
I am on holiday with only a phone with me so not much I can do to support you.
At a glance I would suggest you check Proxmox vm options to ensure the correct boot option has been selected since you need to boot from the imported drive.
After writing this tutorial I wrote a one line script that you can run from the Proxmox shell command line that you can try:

bash -c "$(wget -qLO - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mr-biz/proxmox_hassos_install/master/install.sh)"
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Hi. Thank you for the replay.
I’d rather not run a script that I don’t understand.
I followed your tutorial precisely.
Maybe you can check that with the latest disc image it is still working for you?
Then I will know it is something on my side.

Hi Alexander,
I have managed to reproduce the error you ran into by booting from a non-bootable disk image.
So I ask that you verify:

  1. You deleted the empty disk image created when you created the VM.
  2. You “added” the imported home assistant disk image.
  3. The boot order of your VM in the options menu since not having the correct boot option would cause this type of error.
    If these verifications do not help then I will follow up with a fresh install of Proxmox
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I had been battling this the last couple days, I found out the error was on the part where you select OVMF (UEFI). After selecting EFI storage you need to disable Pre-Enroll keys (last option). If you leave it enabled it will never boot. Screenshot 2022-01-11 011233


Very helpful for me. Thank you!

Thank You very much. I just followed the steps in your video and was able to get home assistant up and running. I can confirm that the steps also work on proxmox 6.4-13 (for those that have not upgraded yet).

I’m new to HA and I went for Proxmox on a Intel Nuc and this short guide was great.
Now I have to figure out the rest. I have some experience in Linux servers and scripting so this is going to be fun.

Thanks alot for the video. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, was stuck here also!

Thank you for the tutorial. I followed it but got stuck where my VM was booting into the UEFI shell instead. I found this blog post which helped me solve the issue. Apparently, there’s an issue with Secure Boot in ProxMox VE 7.

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Yep. That was it! Nice. And thanks.

This detail is missed in like all manner of how-to.

Thanks @Alexander_Stepanov
You are a life saver :slight_smile: