Home Assistant OS on Dell R220 with Perc H310 and RAID1?

Im struggling to install Home Assistant OS on a Dell R220 with a Perc H310 Raidcontroller and two SATA drives in RAID1.
I installed Ubuntu on another drive connected through SATA, installed Balena Etcher and flashed the .img to the virtual drive from the raid.
It does not seem to go further than this after booting

You might want to consider a different approach, assuming Debian or Ubuntu install with no issues on this PC.

I do not want it to run as a VM, that is what im currently using through ESXi on a Dell R720.

Are you positive that controller does not need any drivers?
If it does, it is highly unlikely the HAOS kernel contains them…

Is it because of ESXi that you are steering away from virtualization?
With those specs, it’s a pity to not use the power available to such a system - if you even get HAOS running.

Head on the nail possibly :upside_down_face: gotta figure out a way to fix that then, any pointers?
But i think the OS should just see the raid array as a regular disk.

No ESXi is working well, i just want to have Homeassistant on separate hardware incase i want to mess with the R720, i dont want to take Homeassistant offline then.
It has 2x E5-2690 v2, 256GB DDR3 1866mhz ECC and 17TB worth of drives but i have other things to utilize it for :slight_smile:

Well, if indeed you need drivers, you’re pretty much out of luck, unless you are ready to go the “build your own haos” way, which would be tedious at best.

Docker will work fine I expect

Docker on what?

R220 with direct linux install, no virtualization.

Supervised ?

I gave up and just flashed it on a single 240GB SATA SSD instead, works flawlessly, would have been nice so have redundance tho.