Home Assistant OS on iPad? Maybe soon

Looks like some people are working to install Linux in the A7/A8 based iPads:

So maybe soon we could have a HA OS installer, to use these old iPads exclusive as a HA server.

It could be perfect for me, since I don’t use that old ipad anymore and it has battery, screen, memory, wifi… Anything you need to work as a server.

What do you think?

No ethernet means useless for ha.

Also how much ram/storage do those things have?

Answering myself, gen 2 ipads 512M ram, gen 3 1G ram. Not enough for ha

My iPad has 32 Gb, even more than the laptop that I use right now (16Gb).
And I don’t see why you need Ethernet… Actually I’m not using Ethernet on HA, the laptops is hidden and it’s connected via Wifi.

@mabusdogma RAM, not storage…

Why you need ethernet? Stability. Wifi is…well, kinda “unreliable” on longterm 24/7 basis in a term of connection without ANY dropouts. I have cameras around my house and one of them was on wifi (lack of cable). It went offline every now and then for a short time. Cable solved this problem. Now, it’s not important for camera, but it is for HA - you don’t want HA to go offline just when you are switching something…
The point is that wifi is pretty congested, so HA on wifi would cause non-stop traffic through already busy wifi, making it even more congested.
But, i think that pretty big no-no is lack of processing power, too. I have not so old lenovo 10 (android 10) inch tablet as lovelace view in my kitchen and it struggles just when switching between views. I can’t imagine how slow it would work if i’d have HA server on it, but i guess it would be painfully slow.