Home Assistant OS on NUC - restart issues

So I bit the bullet and replaced my unsupported Ubuntu + Docker setup with Home Assistant OS on my i5 NUC. It’s mostly great, but I’m having issues with restarts.

The restart button under Configuration > Server Controls > Server Management doesn’t do anything.

I’ve also tried Supervisor > System and then ‘Restart Core’ or ‘Restart Supervisor’, but neither of those do anything. If I click ‘Reboot Host’ it starts the whole process, but it takes 3 minutes to restart.

On my old setup, I could click the Server Controls > Server Management and it would restart immediately, and be done completely within a minute.

Does anyone else have these issues on their HA OS setup?

Can someone point me at the documentation saying HA in Docker on Ubuntu is unsupported? Makes absolutely no sense to me (for HA Core), as the container is the runtime environment for HA and it should not even be aware of the underlying OS.

This isn’t about core on docker but about the supervised install.

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TIL that “Core” references to Home Assistant Core application on Python. I’ve been using this all the time for describing what is now called Home Assistant Container.


Take a look at your logs.
If the config check finds errors, HA will not restart

Thanks. I’ll check that out.

I’m also facing this exact issue. Running Home Assistant (OS) on Pi4b. Have to do full restart of OS to restart Core. Nothing of note in logs.

Edit; I found the error causing my issue by running ha core check in terminal. Fixed the error sown there and it works!

Hope this helps someone :slight_smile: