Home Assistant OS on Proxmox Guide

I found this really good guide for installing hassio on Proxmox, which I would like to share:

Very important: You need to explicitly set the boot order because the new disk is not included by default, therefore it will not boot:


Also, you can leave the machine type as i440fx (default), it doesn’t need to be q35. ZFS or LVM volumes only support raw format images, so I did the import like this:

qm importdisk <vmid> <image name> <storage location> --format raw

In the example of my case, the command looked as follows:

qm importdisk 105 hassos_ova-5.9.vmdk vmstorage --format raw

Hassos supports Qemu guest agent, so I enabled it in the options. The benefits are better integration for taking live snapshots, improved monitoring and other metrics.

I really like this setup, as I am running other VM’s, and Proxmox allows me to host everything on one, fairly high-spec server-class machine (ZFS Raid, UPS battery backup, etc.). Also, it gives me the benefit to be able to take a snapshot before making major changes/upgrades, and easily allocate more resources if needed.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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After following this and several other guides I was unable to boot my installation because I always got something like this:

The solution was to disable “Pre-Enroll keys” when selecting UEFI. After that, Shell error is gone
Screenshot 2022-01-11 011233

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I found that script section very useful to install Ha on proxmox

Try the below guide which is detailed with images and handholds you throughout the entire process. You might find it useful as it also has a lot more resources on Proxmox, HAOS, virtualisation, hardware, devices, etc.