[Home Assistant OS] Storage UI - Show usage of each partition/section

The current storage UI shows used space, but doesnt give much info past that:

What would be useful is to show the used storage from:

  • /addons
  • /backup
  • /config
  • /media
  • /share

It would also be pretty useful to drill down this info, for example how much storage each addon take up etc.

Not just there, everywhere. /tmp is the usual culprit, actually…

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@timmo001 I was just opening a feature request for nearly the same thing…

I found other users asking questions related to this that may be cleared up with the additional information.

The addition of the storage drive’s capacity when viewing under config/storage.

Currently, it only shows the usage as a percentage but does not show the capacity used or total.
Going back one page to config the remaining capacity is shown in a non-percent form ie GB.
There is no way
The problem is only worse with multiple drives. How much is actually on each, and how much is remaining?

With the increase in updates that have improvements to the UI, this sounds like an easy and useful addition. :heart:

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Last night, I had to use the community ssh addon to get into my supervisor to see what was going on, as I was at 28GB and was unable to install or update anything.

Running ha su repair got some storage back, but it wasnt enough to be happy, and I would think this kind of thing would be automated.

Turns out it was the esphome cache that had built up and wasnt being cleared as well as some backups of addon packages in /data (My actual backups are on a network share and drive backup + deletion daily so shouldnt affect me there).

That got me back about 15GB, but theres still a void of data I don’t know where it comes from. My actual HA instance + addons backup is only about 1.5GB

Would really be useful to add a summary of what disk usage is from where. This doesnt fix the issue of lingering data in the supervisor but will at least tell whether addons are getting out of control etc.

Maybe a table of the results for docker system df -v would be useful