Home Assistant OS update does not show up in GUI


running HA OS inside a proxmox VM. Installed by importing the cow image. Did work fine. Old config moved over.

But: Update for 7.3 does not show up. Only updates for core are working and also add-ons adding works fine.

I see this:

And that:

Maybe this is a hint.

I have not setup/enabled any firewalls in proxmox. IPs for v4 and v6 are at the VM and shown by HA OS.

Any ideas?

System itself works flawless since days.


No idea, anybody? Even on where to start my search what might be wrong or some checks I can do?

E.g., manually do the check for the cert server or the auth server (curl?) to see the error message (if any)?

I am also still on 7.2 with no update for 7.3 showing… I noticed very briefly a few days ago that there was a notice to upgrade to 7.3 and I thought “I’ll get to that later” but it disappeared. Checking for updates now shows none available.

I went into terminal, and firstly tried “ha os update” - that just said 'you are already on 7.2", so I then ran “ha os update --version 7.3” and it appears to have upgraded OK.

I got this update message also days ago, but clicking it did show “you are on recent”.

I manually updated as you described and it seems ok, but still I get these errors on the servers in “info”.


Supervisor is on 2022.2.1 which puzzles me, since core is on 2022.2.x already. Don’t know if supervisor is also updated that often.

I checked my DNS setup (gave HAOS direct google DNS access). This did not help.
There are no firewalls enabled for my proxmox installation (on which HAOS is running in a VM) since it is pure internal.

Checked. Supervisor 2022.2.1 is latest.

Now I got this funny stuff:

After I got the info that 7.4 is available.

Running it again now shows 7.4 and I was able to install it.

Fixed the timeout issues from above. Disabled ip6 in HAOS to try and hey it then works fine.

Enabled again and it still works. Yay!

Completely rebooted the HAOS and still fine.

=> IPv6 quirk. I did some changes recently. Might be the cause. Seems the IPv6 of the DNS was not properly propagated.

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