Home Assistant OS, Virtualbox Machine, and MPD audio

I switched several months ago, from Home Assistant installed on an Ubuntu Server installed within a virtual machine (virtual box) on a windows 10 host, to Home Assistant OS installed within a virtual machine (virtual box), on the same host. Ever since I made the change, I can’t seem to get any audio out of the MPD player. My previous set up worked fine. Investigations have revealed that, for some reason, Home Assistant OS is not detecting a sound card. Can anyone shed any light on this, and let me know if I have a setting wrong, or, if it simply does not support audio anymore? Please see the screenshots for reference. Any help is appreciated. Thank-you.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 210525 Screenshot 2021-02-18 210445 Screenshot 2021-02-18 211618

Hello… Maybe Hassos has not the correct drivers for your sound card… Try Hassos 5.12…