Home Assistant Page loading slow on PC, but normal in Mac and other device

Hello, just started from yesterday my main PC start having some issues loading Home Assistant lovelace main page, it takes 2-5 seconds to load before working.

It stated Loading data with a animated circle, it lasted for 2-5 seconds.
Normally it should be loaded instantly.

My Mac, iPad, iPhone, Home Assistant app are all fine. Loading instantly.

Reinstalling Chrome won’t help, I tried Edge, Opera, they all loading that slow.
Is there anyway fixing? It is quite annoying.

I have the same issue where some pages, such as automations, do not load at all. This problem does not occur with Firefox.

It seems like a bug in the latest update:

  • Core: 2024.6.2
  • Supervisor: 2024.06.0
  • Operating System: 12.3
  • Frontend: 20240610.0

Edge browser hanging - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

I don’t have Bitwarden installed, still experiencing the same problem as Porygon (using Firefox).

If I use Linux with same browser, the main page loads as fast as it use to do in Windows (until some days ago).

And suddenly the (lovelace) page loads “instantly” again :slight_smile:

(It didn’t do so for two hours ago, and I cant see that Windows, Firefox nor Bitdefender have been updated during this time…)