Home Assistant Phone Location Intermittently Sets off my Alarm

I use my Galaxy Fold’s gps location as a trigger for triggering home/not home automations, such as activating alarms, lights, unlocking front door etc. I have full permissions on the phone app and as far as I can tell, this works like 99% of the time. However, maybe twice, the app has reported me not home and set off my alarms (pictured).

Any thoughts on what could be causing this intermittent error? I’m not sure why the phone would lose track of my location in a manner that makes it think I am out of the home zone.

P.S. I am not interested in any kind of network tracking. Capture

When you are indoors the phone can’t use GPS for location so it has to fall back to less accurate methods like cell tower triangulation. This can cause position errors bigger than your home zone. Thus you get marked as away.

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Ahhh, interesting! Any known remedy for this? I did reduce the default home zone size, would expanding that help?

Somewhat, yes. I have really poor reception at my place and even a 500m radius triggered once a month or so.

I use my phone location to disarm the alarm (as I am outside the house and gps location is accurate). But to arm my alarm I use an rfid scanner. I then use the disarmed state of the alarm in conditions to mean I am home.

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Gotcha, thanks for the input!