Home Assistant Plugin for Tasker and TTS on Android

I am attempting what I thought was a very simple task but am stuck as examples on forums are old and I think the apps have moved on.

I have an automation that will create an MQTT message that I want to be read out automatically on my phone.

The action is:

  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: homeassistant/alarm
      payload: "Alarm has triggered"
      qos: 0

I saw a suggestion to add Tasker and the Home Assistant Plugin for Tasker on my android phone. I have done this and got as far as creating a dummy task with the Home Assistant server prioile (using nabu casa url and a long lived token). This was accepted and connected to.

However, I am completely new to Tasker and the instructions I have found online (eg TTS to Android Device) are difficult to match with Tasker menus and options. So I have got no further. Is there an idiots guide to reading the homeassistant topic and payload in a Tasker task and converting this to TTS?

Why not use the native app to do this?