Home Assistant quits working after install

Newbe here. I installed a fresh install of home assistant on a raspberry pi 3b last week. After installing config add-on, samba add-on, SSH add-on and the duckdns add-on it was working flawlessly. Left it for a few days with no changes to the config yaml. Tried to get on it threw Duck dns, and threw the pi’s IP and nothing. Config. Yaml. On my network does not exist anymore. Did a fresh download last night left it with everything working correctly and tonight the same thing. So I try to download a new image for the pi 3 and now that doesn’t work either. I have been trying to get home assistant running for well over a year with no success. I’m about just forget about it all together. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

Are you using wifi or wired ethernet? If you can’t at least ssh into the pi, I would connect it to a monitor or TV with using the HDMI port and boot it up. Then you can at least start looking for issues.

I am using a wired connection. I have it hooked to a monitor and it’s just shows a black screen before it had the HA emblem on the screen. As I mentioned earlier, the Config. Yaml on my network doesn’t exist anymore as well. It’s like it never existed. Last night I tried to download the latest image and load ed d it o. The SD card just like before and the new image will not even boot. Thank you for your responce.