Home Assistant Randomly Slowly unresponsive all the way to not working

I have a Agron m.2 case with the USB adapter. I was using it for about a year or so before the adapter or m.2 case PCB died or stopped working. So I replaced it with an external sabrent m.2 exclosure which fixed my issues for a few months. Then my home assistant instance started to slowly malfunction. The ui started to stop working and became practice unresponsive. I can navigate the UI but nothing seems to work. I know from previous power down and hard resets that eventually it’s just going to stop working completely and I won’t be able to connect to the home assistant at all. I just replaced the m.2 case PCB and the USB adapter for the case as well as got a more reliable SSD. I used Macrium Reflect 8 to clone the current PIs SSD to the new one and put everything back in the case. Turned it on and it didn’t work. So I took the old SSD and plugged it into a different USB port and nothing changed.

I’m not sure if the SSD is dying or if there’s a problem with the OS becoming unresponsive. Trying to figure out how to manually check the logs. As I cannot restart the system and don’t seem to be able to SSH into it either. I’m thinking of manually powering it down and plugging in a monitor to the pi to see if I could get a copy of the log from there or something. My worst case is reinstalling and then restoring backup, which I really don’t want to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How is free disk space?

From what I remember it’s very much free, it’s a 500gb SSD so I can’t see it filling up

I cannot have any idea other than connecting to a display and see what is happening… Or perhaps give more time for the system to boot up, maybe overnight.

Is the system replying to ping? Are you sure the IP address haven’t changed?

I setup a static IP for the pi so nothing should have changed. Whatever happened I have been trying to connect from the mobile app and it’s been connecting and the UI unresponsive for a bit until I just can’t connect anymore. A few people on discord thought maybe the power supply is the issue but I have previously changed it and it wasn’t the issue.

Should I just manually force shutdown and plug into display and go from there?