Home Assistant Raspberry Pi 3

NOOB. I have installed Home Assistant on a RPi3 using the 32 bit image so I can use GPIO. I have set up “one wire” with a couple of 18B20 temperature sensors and defined some GPIO as on the RPi as switches. On the homescreen I can see the temperature readouts and switch controls. The switch controls work, I can change the state of my connected relays manually.
So far I have not found out how to include the switches in an automation, they don’t show up. The temperature sensors are shown.
What I am trying to create is a home heating controller with the RPI as the Home assistant host as well as the physical interface to the heating controls and sensors. I have discovered that the generic thermostat and climate services do not seem to be available when using an RPi.
I just need some pointers, can I actually make such a controller using the RPI, and if so, do I create the automations/scripts via the interface or directly in the Configuration file. I want to use actual time/day for different temperature control ranges. Some more detailed info on how to use the Configuration file for automations and scripts would be helpful, what I found so far in the documentation promotes questions rather than provides answers for me!
Thanks in advance.

Call service switch.turn_on or switch.turn_off with your switch as entity in the action sequence of an automation.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Is there a guide that shows all the automation/script commands and syntax? I have used the Arduino documentation in the past and found that to be very informative for that platform. I have not found a similar level of detail for Home Assistant yet.

Of course.

Thanks again for a quick response.

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“Message malformed integration not found”. Also error 500?
Every attempt to create an automation or script results in the above message or error code.
Raspberry pi 3, lastest version of core, 32bit for GPIO.
GPIO one wire and switches all work manually from the overview screen.
What am I missing to start creating automations with 18b20 temperature sensors and relays connected directly to the GPIO pins?