Home Assistant + Raspberry pi + AliExpress Zigbee Gateway


i want to install Home Assistant on a Raspberry PI and use Zigbee Devices too. To connect the Zigbee stuff i wann to use a Gateway from aliexpress like this

Did some one configure this ? Will this work.
Or is there better ways to connect zigbee devices.

Thanks for all

from my limited research for the past few days, tuya hub will require cloud access but you still can add to home assistant. just need to create an account over at tuya.

Buy a USB dongle Zigbee stick

recommended : CC2625P

also good :

cheap :

Hi Francisp,

thank you.

Do you any Information what is different between first and second Sonoff Dongle. Becous the second one is ca. 6 times expensive :frowning:


Typical aliexpress trick, if you click on the first link you see the price of the USB extension cable. You have to click on the adapter to see the real price.

I just picked the first links in my aliexpress search, if you search on the items maybe you can find better deals.