Home Assistant RBP 3 won't start installation from SD

Hi, I’m struggling to install Home Assistant (haos_rpi3-10.3.img.xz) from SD on RBP 3.
I tried both ways multiple times, Raspberry PI Imager and also via balenaetcher. But whenever I insert the SD card in raspi, LAN is connected and then connect to power supply, exactly nothing happens. The connected monitor remains black, no access via browser and the LAN leds don’t indicate any trafic/connection.
I tried with different SDs. When I use an SD with openhabian installation, everything works fine: LAN traffic, browser acces and monitor works, too.
Any recommendation what to do differently or how to identify the problem?
Best regards, Guido

Did you bother attaching a display? HaOS should output some logs and probably tells you right away if something is wrong.

I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Yes, as @Guido2 mentions, the connected monitor remains black. I’m using RPi4. I’ve also got several SD cards. Raspbian loads fine. Ubuntu loads fine. HassOS — nothing. I thought I just wasn’t waiting long enough. I waited overnight. Absolutely nothing. Any workarounds would be helpful.

Did you verify the image you downloaded before you flashed it (and verified that write too)?

Try a older release from the githubs?

I used both Raspberry Pi Imager and Etcher. Both verify image as part of the process.

Did you tried another release yet? And in case your writer-/spy-/ad- ware (namely etcher) doesn’t support extracting xz compressed files - did you unpack the image before writing?

As a side note: etcher could be more than hundred times smaller when not including spy- and adware…

USBImager is able to decompress .xz on the fly…

Looks like that fancy writer which comes bundled with ad- & spyware (wonder why HA is even suggesting such software?) and occupies over half a gigabyte (:warning:) is just broken since two months :point_down:

Suggesting a software which is bigger than a HaOS image just to write in to flash is just a little odd :crazy_face: