Home Assistant rebooting in safe mode and otherwise very slow and sometimes unresponsive

Running on raspberry pi4 I have not changed anything on configuration for a longer period. I have an automated reboot running every day. And for second time (not in a row) my home assistant is rebooted in safe mode. After unplugging the pi I am able to reboot. But on local ip address it gets really unresponsive or at least very slow.
I have, after quite some issues updated to latest core and os version today. How to find what is causing this? supervisor log does not give me much information. Can it be a faulty SD Card?

Anybody with suggestions?

How are you rebooting the RPi? Unplugging it is not a proper shutdown and can cause data on the SD card to be corrupted.

Why do you want it to reboot every day?

Reason for rebooting was camera images freezing every day on tablet constantly running lovelace dashboard. This seemed to fix it.
And unplugging was only was since it safe mode all integrations not loaded and no way to restart from server controls thanks to that.
Would you suggest to check SD card in computer and probably copy over to new SD Card? And afterwards of course not rebooting daily anymore :slight_smile:

ok not even able to login to supervisor anymore. I already ordered an USB stick and will start with new install, might be best. Thanks.

Topic can be closed, I was able to restore a backup. Working super smooth again. So lot’s of things to check. Thanks for help!