Home Assistant - refused to connect at random

Small update.

I have had the below add-ons disabled since my last crash on post 33 and have not experienced any crashes since then so far:

  • ESPHome
  • Terminal & SSH

I had replaced Terminal & SSH with a community add-on being SSH & Web Terminal so haven’t lost anything there but had some devices on ESPHome but haven’t missed them so far.

Will plan to re-enable ESPHome soon though to see if the issue stars occurring again.

On the Pi monitoring side of things, usage seems to be good and haven’t seen any issues as shown below for past 128 hours, SWAP is only 7.8MiB out of the near 3Gb:

I have decided to now re-enable ESPHome and will continue to monitor.

After further update I believe the addon Terminal & SSH may have likely caused the issue but Cascano42’s suggestion to increase the SWAP has also helped.

I’ve also managed to get the temperature from 60 to 32 degrees but this was done after all other testing was performed.

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