Home Assistant - refused to connect

Hi I’m experiencing an odd issue where that every so often my Home Assistant on a pi4 goes into a state where it refuses to connect.

No updates have been applied recently and have noticed this has occurred occasionally even after multiple different fresh installations on both a SD card and a USB SSD, the Pi is pingable using the static IP it has been assigned.

Temporary Solution:
turn oFf PoE then turn it back on thus causing a restart.

Current setup:

  • Home Assistant on Pi4 4Gb
  • Connected via Cat6 to Unifi 24 PoE switch
  • Powered via PoE hat
  • Version is core-2021.11.1
  • Home assistant installed on USB SSD (128 Gb)
  • OS version is 5.10.17-v8
  • 7 add-ons installed:
    – Duck DNS
    – ESPHome
    – Home Assistant Google Drive Backup
    – Mosquitto broker
    – Samba Share
    – Studio Code Server
    – Terminal & SSH
  • Home Assistant supervisor:
    – Home Assistant OS 6.6
    – update version: stable
    – supervisor version: supervisor-2021.10.8
    – docker version: 20.10.8

The only error shown in the log is the below, I have found a open Github thread on this issue but hasn’t been resolved for a few versions now: