Home assistant remote controller

I need help finding a remote controller to interact with HA. I want a simple piece of hardware with several buttons that can be detected in node red.
I’ve been using the ikea remote controller and it checks almost all my boxes: it’s small, light, looks good, and has 8+1 different triggers (using the long presses). It would be absolutely perfect if not for the fact that you can only press a button roughly once per second. I think this is a hardware limitation, but it becomes a bit frustrating to use. I want to press “down” three times fast and see the volume on my tv go down 3 numbers, or changing spotify songs fast or anything else that HA can do.

I know about the harmony but that seems super overkill for what I want, plus it’s quite expensive! I don’t need something as cheap as the 15€ ikea remote, but I’d like to keep it reasonable.

Thanks a lot!