Home assistant restarting randomly - memory spike

Hello everyone

I really really need your help and expertise with my home assistant. My HA is restarting randomly and I can’t find out why. It is really driving me crazy now…

My setup:

Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB Ram) with SSD (240 GB)

Conbee II

Dabian with Docker (HA is up to date with newest version)

The setup has worked fine for almost two years.

What I have tried and observed:

I have tried another PSU (Using Org RPI 3 A)

I have temporally removed any new entry in to configuration.yaml

I can see that the Memory is spiking (se photo) and when it dose this the HA have a tendency to restart is self.

I can see in Supervisor log when it happens a warning (see photo from log)

I have tried to disable almost all my addons with no result.

I have tried running addon Glances to see the memory usage. But here I can’t see memory in containers. Only that the total memory usage sometimes climes and finally then HA restarts. Swap file is also increasing (swap file size is set to 1GB)

How can I solve this problem? Any help is deeply appreciated

Thanks in advance