Home Assistant restarts every time I edit an automation

Hi. I’m struggling to find the source of the issue or learning where to look.

I’m running HA on a virtual machine on a Synology NAS. It was running fine for over a year and recently (around maybe 2 months) this started happening: Every time I edit an automation and hit save, the dashboard freezes and stops updating or reloading data, and after a while I get a message saying that HA is starting etc…

HA is running fine and automations are running with no hiccups, it’s just that HA starts acting up when I want to change automations or play with the integrations etc… Here’s the log before the restart happened just now. I couldn’t find a clue for the culprit in the log.

Things I tried with no luck:

  • Cleared browser cache
  • Restarted the VM from Synology Dashboard

I have 8 HACS addons

Is there an easy way to reset HA and restore from a backup?


Maybe related: Severe UI/Browser performance issue when using choose in automation (recursion issue) · Issue #18713 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

Thanks. My browser doesn’t lag.

I just reproduced the issue by editing one of the automations, and the moment I clicked save, the HA server stopped responding. Sometimes it restarts, and in other occasions it just stops loading for 1 minute.

Should be no issue by downloading your backup, and restoring it on a fresh newly downloaded image,

But I’d try first to find the source; you could remove all add-on’s, and then re-enable them one by one to see where it goes haywire…

Btw…you do know Frenck wrote Spook and it does similar to what Watchman does? It’s available on hacs

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