Home assistant restarts unexpectedly

Since I updated to core 2024.4.3, if I click on the “All YAML configuration” link (in the developer tools section) the system instead of reloading the configurations, as happened in the past, restarts unexpectedly:

Not I think it’s something the development team wanted… or am I wrong?
Does the same thing happen to anyone else?

If it is not intentional, it is possible to correct this behavior?


Must be something wrong in your installation, works like a charme here. :slight_smile:

Any log entries, or have you checked the “home-assistant.log*” files in your config directory. The one with the .1 at the end, is the log from before the last restart. Could have some insights.

Anyway, just for future reference: please post pictures of things you do in HA in english. Just switch your user settings to english, take the screen shot and change it back. Makes helping a lot easier, idf all people know, where to look.

And please, if we should help, please provide some more information on your system, how you installed and so on. Makes life easier.