Home Assistant server and ESPhome on different networks ( remote ESP control)

Hi Great people,

I need your usual support to configure the current installation I have to be able to have the Home Assistant OS connected to a network and ESPhome linked ESP device connected on a different network.

I’ve seen some topics about that but did not manage to find a solution, some talk about using MQTT as a cloud broker but unfortunately am unable to determine how to do that on the ESP yaml configuration. looking for a none mosquetto cloud method if possible.

Current configuration details:

  • Home Assistant OS installed on Virtual Box.
  • ESPhome installed and configured.
  • Connected Node MCU v3 with 8 relays.
  • Configured remote access for the Home Assistant dashboard.
  • Enabled google assistant to work with Home Assistant device.

All this done by the help of Taras from the community :pray: and some online tutorials.

Thanks in advance for your time :innocent:

Hi, I’m dealing with the same one. Were you able to find the way?
So far I was able to manage a ubuntu based VPS for 3euros month. there i was installed a mosquito broker based on Random nerd tutorial . In my case i was able to send mqtt message to cloud with ESP home. Ao now i have to manage my HA to read the data from the cloud and it is done. But any experience of yours would help too. Thx Jan