Home Assistant service completion status

Running Home Assistant Operating System v10.5, Home Assistant Core v2023.8.3 on Raspberry Pi3 with Sigma Designs HUSBZB-1 Z-wave dongle separated from the Pi with a USB extension cable.
Sporatically, HA stops communicating with the Z-Wave network. I have not found anything within the HA system that I can restart/reload to restore Z-Wave. The only way I have found to restore the Z-Wave functions is to re-boot the host. I am a Newbee to HA, so my skill level determining the underlying cause is rudimentary. Until I can discover the root cause, I am trying to implement an automation that will detect that Z-Wave has gone down, and then use the service to reboot the host as an auto recovery method.
I am trying to use the Z-Wave: Ping a node service directed at a line powered Z-Wave device that doesn’t go to sleep (a Zooz tri-sensor).
My thought was that since ping times are at least a bit unstable, I would the ping round trip response times every couple of minutes and if they stop changing, to use that as an indication that Z-Wave has probably gone down.
Trying this has evidenced two problems;

  1. In trying to store the numeric value of the most recent ping response time, there appears to be a significant lag between calling the input_number.set_value service to store the value and the value actually getting stored.
  2. I have not been able to confidently determine what happens if the Z-Wave network is down and the ping service is called.

Question re:1 - is a delay in storing the number an expected result? If so, is it possible to determine or estimate what that delay would be.

Question re:2 - My antique and tarnished programming experience (from the long ago C and machine language days) leads me to expect some kind of completion code when a service is called: e.g. Execution complete with no-errors, Execution complete with errors, Call failed to complete. If a HA service is called, is there a return status code that I can read within a script to determine the completion status of the call?

Thank you in advance for any advice!!