Home Assistant showing phantom nonexistent occupancy sensors for every room after upgrading from 2021.2 to 2021.3

I have a HA setup with the Lutron (RadioRA2) integration enabled. With the integration I have a bunch of occupancy sensors that have enumerated fine in HA as Binary Sensors.

I upgraded from 2021.2.x to 2021.3.x (that’s all I did, I didn’t change anything in my HA config or touch or even reboot the Lutron controller), and now in the HA front end, I see “occupancy sensor” binary sensors enumerated for every room, even rooms that don’t actually have occupancy sensors. In previous releases, only actual occupancy sensors (just like actual switches or dimmers I have in my system) would enumerate.

Did something regress or change? I didn’t see anything in the Release notes for 2021.3 about the Lutron (RadioRA2) integration or occupancy sensors.


Anyone else using Lutron RadioRA2 occupancy sensors?

Not familiar with that component myself but it looks like changes were made last month?

Sorry for revving a topic, but I just noticed that my Lutron QS system also has phantom occupancy sensors for every room. It’s very odd.

I’m not sure when this started happening, but it’s still there in 2022.5.1.

Any ideas as to what the problem is?