Home Assistant stop responding

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I have this problem: Hassio stop responding about every day, and sometime also twice in a day.
I run Hassio in docker on PI4 4GB.
Yesterday I replace the SD CARD, but nothing today at 3.30 another stop.
When I reboot I get all logs empty. So I cannot check anything.
No ping to the machine, no ssh.
In past days I see that when I have internet connections problems also Home Assistant stop to ping in the lan interface.
I don’t understand if the problem is related or no.
I build a nice work with home assistant but is completely un-usable because of this continuos locks.

When locks, I attach a monitor and Keyboard but don’t respond on any keyboard command.

Did you add an equipment on the Pi4 recently / replaced the power supply ? Could be a power supply problem if the pi4 (including HA) stops responding…

I install it about 1 year ago (during firs lockdown).
No stop until (about) october 2020.
After that start to stop one time in a week, now stop respondig about every day.

The power supply is the original from raspberry.
I don’t think about power suppy, but today I order a new one to test.

a memory issue? Because it is building up from once a week to several times a day?

Software issue or you think a hardware problem ?

I’m not sure offcourse. But maybe a memory leak. So that will be a SW problem

I had a similar problem.
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Did you check your memory use on the RPI and do you see some files growing?