Home Assistant stuck in boot loop, rescue slot B

I did some searching here and on Google but nothing quite fit what I’m experiencing. I’ve been running HA as a virtual machine (HAOS) for the past two years and it’s been solid. Recently, HA had been losing communication with the Zooz USB Z-Wave stick so I would reboot the ESXi machine and everything would work again. This time, however, HA didn’t boot back up. Instead, it flashes something about “Rescue Slot B” and ends with

You are in rescue mode. After logging in, type “journalctl -xb” to view system logs, “systemctl reboot”, “systemctl default” or “exit” to boot into default mode. Press enter for maintenance

I have caught it during boot and tried Slot A, Slot A Rescue Mode, and Slot B, but all end up at the same prompt.

Am I dead in the water here? Not sure what to do.

By the way, the VM has 8GB RAM, 40GB disk space, and 2 processors.

I had the same problem, and probably @Fen had the same here: HAOS no longer booting
I’m using VirtualBox, and ended up with installing my image on other hardware. Luckily I make a network backup of the entire image, on my NAS, every time I upgrade, so only lost 3 days of statistics and have been living in the dark for some time :wink:
The thing that started the problem for me, was install of some Coral-stick drivers.

Sorry I cant offer some help, but perhaps raising some awareness can help you get to a solution - Really hope you will get it solved.

But TGIF and we have a bit more spare time :wink: