Home Assistant Stuck on Preparing - installing on VMware on win10

Hi guys,
I’m trying HA on VMware on windows 10.
First of all the instruction steps from https://www.home-assistant.io/installation/windows#create-the-virtual-machine has nothing to do with the reality and this is very frustrating for a new user.

Here is the log the last lines from log:

[supervisor.resolution.check] Starting system checks with state running
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for free_space/system
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for security/core
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for trust/supervisor
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for docker_config/system
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for ipv4_connection_problem/system
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for no_current_backup/system
[supervisor.resolution.module] Create new suggestion create_full_backup - system / None
[supervisor.resolution.module] Create new issue no_current_backup - system / None
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for dns_server_failed/dns_server
[supervisor.host.services] Updating service information
[supervisor.host.network] Updating local network information
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for dns_server_ipv6_error/dns_server
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for pwned/addon
[supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for multiple_data_disks/system
[supervisor.resolution.check] System checks complete
[supervisor.resolution.evaluate] Starting system evaluation with state running
[supervisor.host.sound] Updating PulseAudio information
[supervisor.host.manager] Host information reload completed
[supervisor.resolution.evaluate] System evaluation complete
[supervisor.resolution.fixup] Starting system autofix at state running
[supervisor.resolution.fixup] System autofix complete

Any ideea on what could be wrong?

Thank you

The guide is definitely meant for folks that are already semi-familiar with the VM solution they’re running.

I would just delete the VM and start over. These instructions should help better.

If you have USB devices that you’d like to have persistently connected (e.g. ZigBee/Z-Wave sticks) then, before starting the VM, when at the step to enable efi, jump down to this post:

It would help if you told us what the actually problem is…
What do you expect it to do (that it doesn’t)?

Are you using network in bridge mode?
Did your router hand out an IP address?
If so, can you ping it?
Can you open http://[IPaddress]:8123?

I’ve managed to make it run after I follow the steps you suggested.

Still not clear for me why they don’t use the steps from Installing Home Assistant on VMWare Player 17 in the “how to” from the installation page

Anyway, as a newbie, the HA system is at least complicated and not very intuitive.
In order to edit the config.yaml you have to install an add-on, really???

Second, I’m trying to add a switch button sync via mqtt broker with an arduino device…no chance to make it run…everyting is complicated and very “non-intuitive”. I used before nodered and the same “sync button” took me 30min when I make it for the first time…same functionality I could not implementd on HA after 3h

aye…HA has a very steep learning curve…
But it’ll be worth it :wink:

And a couple of years ago, config.yaml was the only way to configure…so it has come a long way already :grin: