Home Assistant suddenly not booting after a few years

Hi All,

Been a while since I have configured Home Assistant, so I am very rusty, after all it has been working great for 2+ years…until today.

Using a HASS-IO image

Checked all hardware and even tried a 2nd RPi but same issue. Cannot ping local hostname or reserved IP address for the original hardware.

Got Linux Reader for my PC and I can see all of the file structure on the SD card so I don’t think the card is corrupt.

Wondering which is the best approach here. I’m making a backup of everything within the /mnt/data folder just in case this all goes south. Should I just build a new virgin HA install on a fresh SD and then move my Home Assistant folder back over? Or can I be a bit more clinical about what I really need to move back onto the new image?

Like I said, I’m VERY rusty as it’s been a few years since I built all this.

Have you updated at all during those 2 years?

Ughhh this is being extra weird.

I created a new HA image just now from the most recent installer, did it on a different card and put that in the RPi and powered up. STILL cannot get a response from homeassistant:8123 or the reserved IP address for that MAC. Swapped out the ethernet cable and restarted the router but still no bananas. Man I hate issues like this.

To be clear this is just a brand new untouched image flashed direct from github.

What version was it though?

If you have not updated for 2 years you are up to 24 versions behind and there are many, many breaking changes between now and then.

Last time I interacted with it looks like Dec 2021 judging by the time stamp on my backup files

Screenshot also shows that you haven’t “touched” configuration.yaml , since may-2019 ! ???

I don’t really see how these responses are addressing any of the issues that I am reporting here. As I said above, I have built a brand new clean card based on the latest image and I am still seeing the same problems.

Must be a connectivity issue, although I am hard wired directly into the router. Perhaps my LAN ports have gone out on that router, I should see if I can connect the pi via Wi-Fi as it is the only device connected to that particular router via Ethernet.

I think you get response to the “documentation” Pic you provide,and description off your issue “Topic” … if you wondered if your network cable has falling out of your router… it would have been a huge effort if you have checked that , before posting a Topic