Home assistant supervised how to mount an attitional internal hard disk?

Hi, i have a working installation of home assistant supervised on a debian machine that has 2 HDD 1 ssd for system and 1 magnetic for data storage. Now I would like to add the magnetic disk to home assistant but I did not understand how to do the guides that I find are for homeassistant os or in the supervised version some talking about creating a share through samba with relative decrease in performance.
On the debian machine the magnetic hard drive has this mount point: /mnt/hdd
I would like to bind into home assistant to be able to mount it as /media/hdd.
Can anyone help me please?

I have two ssd HD on debian but I use the other one for syntching to make backups of my laptop and phone.
Maybe the easiest way will be to link hdd mount point to /usr/share/hassio/media/new_hdd