Home assistant supervised install on rpi4

so after installing home assistant supervised from here, https://github.com/home-assistant/supervised-installer, i tried to access the login page mentioned in the terminal window and it doesnt work. it says it takes a some time for the first setup, how long should i wait and how do i know if its working?

also it says under the port 4357 home assistant observer supervisor connected. i dont fully understand how the seperate docker images interract and what is not working…

so its been about 20 minutes, and 8123 “refused to connect” there are 6 different docker images that i can see that appear to be all home assistant. i had another version of just home assistant installed previously before ending the docker image, because it didnt have supervisor.

how would i even go about doing a full uninstall and reinstall with a docker image? and where are the docker images stored?