Home Assistant Supervised on Raspberry Pi 4 running OMV6

I have RPi 4 running OMV6 at the moment. It has Docker Container installed.
Unable to find any clear article or instructions to install HA supervised.

I tried but got lot of error, so removed it from container.

Is it possible to install HA Supervised on OMV6?

If yes, could someone explain steps please?

If not, what will be the best HA version to get most out of HA? The one I installed by watching a video does not allow me to add repositories for add ons.

Supervised is only supported on Debian 12. All hacks to install it on another OS eventually create ‘unsupported’ and ‘unhealthy’ messages.

Add-ons are just docker containers managed by supervisor. Most, if not all, add-ons can be substituted by regular docker containers.
E.g. mosquitto add-on → install the mosquitto docker container.

Thank you Francis. I will try that.