Home Assistant Supervisor not at latest?

Is this normal? This is what sudo ha supervisor info show after the addon part:

arch: aarch64
auto_update: true
channel: stable
debug: false
debug_block: false
diagnostics: null
healthy: true
logging: info
supported: true
timezone: America/Toronto
update_available: false
version: 2022.11.2
version_latest: 2022.11.2

In github, ‘latest’ is 2022.12.1. Is it because 2022.12.x hasn’t been released to the public yet (ie, me being in channel Stable) that I’m not seeing it or is there something wrong with my installation?


Probably has not passed all the checks before a general release. Mine it at the same release as yours. I’ve rather wait and have it pass all the checks then have issues, bad enough when the changes causes problem as it is.

12.1 is latest release on the main branch. Check supervisor logs for errors and you can do a ha su update via ssh to forch an update. You may be unhealthy which will prevent updating.

I did a ha supervisor update before posting and the return was “up to date”. The info posted above has

healthy: true

So you’re saying I should be at 2022.12.1?

2022.11.2 is correct https://version.home-assistant.io/stable.json

Thanks. Assuming the Stable branch is the default one here, true?

So why does the main branch show 2022.12.1 as released? GitHub - home-assistant/supervisor: Home Assistant Supervisor
Does the supervisor only look at the json file?

I hope you’re not asking me because if YOU don’t know, I sure don’t lol.

i was replying to Ludeeus

I figured that much :grin: