Home Assistant thermostat -> Homebridge

I’ve got my opentherm gateway connected by MQTT to HA.
I use a input_number slider in order to set the temperature using the webapp.

Now I would like control my thermostat using my iPhone.
Homebridge supports climate devices, however my thermostat isn’t known as a climate device in HA, therefore it’s not listed in homebridge / my phone.

Any idea’s how to make this work?
It would be okay to have something like the alarm panel, like a slider with 4 presets: 16 - 20 - 21 - 21.5
As long as Siri is able to help me set my temperature I’m happy :slight_smile:

Update for those wondering the same:

Opentherm Gateway in MQTT mode works out of the box using the climate functionality.

  - platform: mqtt
    name: verwarming
    current_temperature_topic: events/central_heating/otmonitor/roomtemperature
    temperature_command_topic: actions/otmonitor/setpoint
    power_command_topic: events/central_heating/otmonitor/flame
    homebridge_visible: true
    min_temp: 15
    max_temp: 22

I have this config, it allows me to control the opentherm gateway without any problems.
However I want to use the flame status to show the on/off state. That’s not working (yet) I will have to find out how to set the general state using MQTT.

What MQTT Broker are you using? I have no succes with the embedded MQTT broker in combination with the OTGW.

Just the built in MQTT server of HASS.IO