Home Assistant through Meshnet

Hello folks,

I can’t make HA (running in a docker container) accessible from the exterior of my home network.

I’ve got a NordVPN account for a longtime now and one of the cool features they propose is “Meshnet”

  1. My setup
    A RPi 4 running Rasbian (latest version : bookworm)
  2. My problem (from outside my network only)
    I can access my RPi on ssh port through Meshnet (via nordvpn_ip:ssh_port)
    but I can’t access my Home Assistant container (via ‘nordvpn_ip:ha_port’). NordVPN hasn’t any solution to propose :thinking:

Android app gives a ‘ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT’

thanks for anybody with a solution :sweat_smile:

Docker run or docker compose would be handy.

Need to know how you setup your docker networking and how you connecting with VPN and internal network.

No idea how Meshnet works, but HA is basically just a web page, so it should work.
It might be something with what networks you have set as trusted.

Good point

Probably need to add some IP related to meshnet to trusted_proxies

Hi guys, by scrapping the web I finally found the solution.

NordVPN for linux (via cli) doesn’t set all you devices as “allowed” which is a big mess from NordVPN.

anyway, to solve the issue, I had to :

  1. Connect via SSH into the PI
  2. type the following command (as many time as devices I own on meshnet network) : nordvpn meshnet peer local allow [nordvpn ip of the otherdevice]

I wrote to nordvpn for this “issue” they (or I ? :confused: ) missed in the configuration…