Home Assistant Tiles in Shade Pulldown

I was just messing around with Android 12 settings on my Pixel 3XL and found something very odd. When accessing the tiles when you pull down I guess what you call the “shade” then go into edit mode I have like 12 tiles at the very bottom that all say:

Tile Not Setup
Home Assistant

Now if I add one of them to the main screen it shows:

Tile Not Setup (scrolling to the left)

Any idea what these tiles are supposed to be for? Maybe some future project?

you need to set them up in App Configuration > Tiles first and then you can use them to execute a script or whatnot

Hmm, that is pretty cool. Thanks a lot.

I found this feature today by accident … pull down then click “Devices”.

I particularly like the way you can toggle a light with a press but also change the brightness by sliding left or right.

It’s a very good implementation.

oh device controls is actually separate from quick settings tiles :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting me straight.

My Quick Settings are pretty used up so Devices will probably work better for me. It’s great to have so many options.

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yea device controls is much better but only available on android 11+, quick settings tiles have been around since Android 7 so has more compatibility there