Home Assistant TV Card

Home Assistant TV Card

Finally, I finished and published the user manual for the television card. By the way, I’ve also opened a new YouTube channel. Soon, I’ll start posting videos on all topics related to smart homes, Home Assistant, smart living, and dashboards. You’ll be able to easily implement all the projects I’ve done.

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I don’t actually know from where to start. This card has tons of features.

  • Ability to control both TV and the Android TV simultaneously
  • Live view: See what is playing on your Android TV screen with pictures. (Note: Some streaming services like Netflix don’t allow passthrough images due to copyrights)
  • Remote controls for Samsung TV and Android TV
  • Ability to start Hue light integration with a single click. Even the official Hue integration of HA does not have this feature.
  • Start apps directly from the card (Works for both Samsung and Android TV apps)
  • View currently active apps
  • Media Controls for Samsung TV: Change HDMI, Switch sound between soundbar and TV, Turn on Ambient Mode, and change Picture Mode
  • Show live feed from your cameras on Android TV with a click of a button
  • Switch between Android TV and Samsung TV remotes with a single click
  • Information area about current activities on your Android TV or Samsung TV
  • Turn on your Samsung or Android TV with a single click
  • Browse and start your favorite Netflix show directly from the card
  • All multimedia files included
  • Start listening to your favorite radio stations on your Android TV
  • The remote control displayed on the card corresponds to the active device on the television screen. If the input on the TV screen changes, the card will automatically switch accordingly.
  • Launch some apps from your Android TV remote
  • Remotes are fully customizable; you can assign your own remote controls via scripts.
  • The card indicates which device is being shown on your TV screen at any given moment.
  • Full installation manual available
  • Compatible with Dark and White themes
  • Use your Own IR device to bring any button to your remote control. You are not only tied to the Samsung integration.

It comes with a user manual that will make it much easier for you to install it.

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Great initiative, but holy crap more than 4000 lines :sweat_smile:

I see you’re using Samsung and Android TV. Before diving into what you did, will this by chance also work with a Philips Ambilight TV that runs Android TV?

Thanks :slight_smile:

A shorter version including only Android TV will also be published. But for now It will also work with any Android base TV including yours.

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Rhis really looks impressive - thanks for sharing this🤗

Any chance that this will be available for apple tv as well?

Thank you very much.

This card can be customized with any integration. It depends on the how functional the integration is.

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