Home Assistant 🀝 Ubiquiti Networks


Congratulations! This is great news!


Will this mean that long term users of HASS will receive free Ubiquity hardware?


Congrats @balloob Well done!

(If you can do anything at all to get Ubiquiti away from using β€œpassive” PoE, I will nominate you for sainthood)


Congrats!!! My next network overhaul is likely going to involve Ubiquiti gear anyway, as part of NYC Mesh. Yet another reason to keep an eye on them.


Very exciting and definitely re-enforces that I made the right decision with HA. I recently invested heavily with Ubiquiti for my house renovation: multiple APs, USG router, multiple outdoor G3 cameras, their 16 port PoE+ switch, and their NVR system.

I haven’t gotten everything setup and configured yet but I am very impressed with what I have and, of course, impressed with HA. I think this will be a great partnership!

One of the things I like about UniFi products is that they create a nice interface with the controller but still enable you to get under the hood to customize it if you have the need/ability - the direction I think, and hope, HA is heading in.

Congratulations Paul!


Gefeliciteerd @balloob!!


I suppose their goal is to let home-assistant run on their embedded system.
Excited about that, home-assistant with ubiquiti hardware will be top :muscle:


One buyer here


Great feather in your cap @balloob


This is great news, it puts the importance of HA up with the other projects that commercial entities have seen fit to support.


I don’t want to get off topic here, but I am totally lost as to how the whole Ubiquiti infrastructure works - can anyone point me to a good overview?


This would be great for managing automations: https://github.com/google/blockly


@jleitao Have you tried node-red ??? It works really well with Home Assistant.



Thanks @namadori, I’ll try it out.

But Node-RED is for geeks like us! (please! no offense! :slight_smile:)

To bring HA to the masses we need a fool-proof interface for automations.


It would be awesome!
IIRC there are some HA platforms that use it (Domoticz?)


Yes, Domoticz uses Blocky for automations


Congratulations! I’m also a Ubiquiti customer. Glad to see HA is going to be a full time gig for you.


Does this mean the Ubiquiti mFi products will be supported by Home Assistant!??


I’ve got a mesh ASUS RT-68U, HASS.IO running on a pi 3 (soon to be a tinkerboard), but will honestly do this the moment I can get a mesh system from Ubiquiti that has HA integrated.


Great news! Hoping you can get a good motion event from Unifi Cameras! Very much needed!