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Terrific News @balloob, very cool to see something you built become something so big. Even better get paid to make it even better!!!
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This is amazing! Well done to both sides :slight_smile:

I heard that something similar happened with the developer of the open source 3D printing monitor software, OctoPrint: https://www.hanselminutes.com/470/building-a-better-3d-printer-with-software-with-octoprints-gina-huge


I really have mixed feelings here. I am happy for you, Paulus, and I see the portential for HA. But mainly I am concerned that now no longer the personal ideas of the founder and the community but a company influences the direction of an open source project. Yes HA could be forked but forking away from the lead developer is always very risky.

I very much hope that my concern is unsubstantiated.


They have some control about how HA evolves, in the sense they can be sure their products are well supported. It’s not that much different than what IBM, Redhat or Intel do, hiring kernel developers full time. It’s not that they have some evil plan to make Linux propietary, it’s just the best way to ensure proper support for their products is there.


90% of Linux kernel developers are working full time for companies like IBM, Intel, Redhat or Oracle, and I don’t see Linux going propietary anytime soon :slight_smile:.

This kind of moves are just an easier way for the company to get their products well supported and having some control about HA development. They could just hire someone, write internally their own components and try to send pull requests, but directly hiring one of HA developers it’s just easier and cheaper for them, and better for HA and everybody.


I’m sure this will be a great move, @balloob is clearly talented and should should be rewarded for that. He also knows that while having founded an awesome product and project, it is where it is from the contribution and enthusiasm of the community. This collaborative, generous, supportive, talented and creative process is born from opensource and the human spirit. Messing with that will always bring consequences, good and bad. Of course as projects like this get to a certain size, the sheer level of resources needed to maintain and perform become massive. It’s a complex dynamic.
Ubiquiti are a company that offers high quality, great value products which communicates integrity to me. I trust them. And with Chris there from pfsense, the first point of order should be a nice little β€˜offline’ project bringing some integration between HA & pfSense and pfSense and Ubiquiti as well as bringing Ubiquiti and HA closer together!

Good luck to us all!


Congratulations @balloob! Home Assistant is the perfect example of how passionate people can achieve marvelous things. Although I’ve only contributed in small ways, I have witnessed how vibrant this community is, and the results it can achieve… a true product of love towards excellence in Home Automation. The level of sophistication that this Hass has today greatly surpasses any other product in the market, and I’m sure that with the support of UBNT you’ll be able to focus even more… and Hass will become even better!


Using both and excited to see the development.




I’m a big fan of both HA and Ubiquiti. I have high hopes of better integration between both - not least of which in the unifi video area.


Would love to be able to use the Motion Sensor in the Unifi camera’s to trigger Automations.


Best of luck in your new position!



Yeah, in my ideal world, I’d like to use openCV with a unifi cam but not interfere with the MVR stuff. I could do some fun stuff with openCV and HA.


Congratulations @balloob !! Very excited for you, but for me too!! The foundation of my home automation network is Ubiquity and Home Assistant! Looking forward to seeing how this integration will improve an already excellent marriage!

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Greate move! Wonder how this might have something to do with Ubiquity Amplifi Home Automation stuff that is coming… Hope there will be integration with Amplifi as well! Would be nice!


Paulus Gefeliciteerd!!
Hope this means also that HA will continue to work on other devices, beside UBNT, as well :wink:

Great news to see that your project once started is paying of to such a big community and even the commercial world.

Keep up the good work.


Congratulations, looking forward to some great new developments.


Came to say exactly the same. :slight_smile:


Amazing news. Home Assistant x EdgeRouter integration when???

For those who don’t know, Ubiquiti are maker of an amazing SMB router that runs Debian. You can already run customized setup right now, however every time you update the firmware all your changes will be wiped.