Home Assistant UI will not start up on 8123 but monitor does


I’m new to HA, so please bare with me.

I recently did an update to the latest version 2023.7.2

I am running a docker version on VirtualBox on macOS.

Now, I can’t get the UI to start on 8123. However, if I look at the Home Assistant Observer on 4357 that works, and it shows

Supervisor: Connected
Supported: Supported
Healthy: Healthy

I did notice that when it booted there was an issue with the time sync. I have looked into that, and the only references I can find are that ipv4 isn’t running, which it clearly is as I can run the Observer.

anyone give me a pointer on where to look and what to do?

Many thanks

I’ve also tried using UTM (Which seems much faster) and the time synchronisation is still an issue

so I’ve read that hassio will not start without ntp.

This is definitely an issue with Home Assistant.

Everything else that requires ntp in my home works, and I can ping uk.pool.ntp.org (I’m in the UK)

Any clues, any one?

A bit more info… as I figure out how to do things.

When I type

systemctl status systems-timesyncd.service

it tells me:

home assistant systems-timesyncd[7623]: Timed out waiting for reply from ( is my Eero Pro router.