Home assistant unable to discover Aqara hub


I have recently migrated from Hassio on a raspberry pi to home assistant supervised on a linux server, used the following guide.

The new instance is unable to find the aqara hub on the network. I have it integrated as a homekit controller on the raspberry pi which auto discovered it and then put in the pairing code. I can still plug the pi into my network and still see it. Have looked through the Pi config file but see no reference to it.

Newest version of the aqara hub. V3 I think with the RGB light and speaker.

I can discover other devices on the network for example the phillips hue hub.

I have turned it off and on as a sanity check.

Anyone able to offer assistance?

Disable ufw on Ubuntu.

Thanks for the reply. I have used the command sudo ufw status and it returns inactive.

Have then done sudo ufw disable to ensure and restarted server.

HA still not discovering it or available if I try to manually add a homekit controller.

Any steps that I missed?

Can close this topic.

The hub needed to be removed from the app and then readded. I could then discover it with home assistant.