Home Assistant unable to login on ubuntu-frame

I installed Home Assistant with docker on ubuntu server 22.04 and also snap installed ubuntu-frame alongside. When I try to open Home Assistant login webpage on ubuntu-frame it not log in.

I tested ubuntu-frame with Home Assitant demo on the same installation and it works.

I suppose that it could be related with any kind of authentication problem. What do you thing and how to solve it?

Thank you.

Did you try a regular web-browser ?

Not on this board. There is not desktop environment installed.

And from another computer (or phone) ?

From another computer phone and the rest is without any issues. I noticed this only with ubunu-frame environment.

What does that mean, exactly?
You don’t see the login page? If so, what do you see and what does the ubuntu-frame logs say?
You see the login page (or any HA page) but cannot login? If so, check the HA logg.

Login page is loaded correctly on ubuntu-frame, I can put name and pass but I cant login. Do not have logs I reinstalled it. Just curious if somebody experienced Home Assistant on Ubuntu-frame.