Home Assistant Update Broken HassIO?

I’ve just done the latest update (from maybe 2 days ago.) It only went up one minor version.

When I click Hass.io I get a popup

“Unable to load the panel source: /api/hassio/app/entrypoint.js.”

Worried that either the new version is broken, or Home Assistant logs have trashed another SD card.

Bother. It looks like it’s eaten its third SD card. I really can’t recommend RPi / SD card as a stable Home Assistant platform.

About 10 minutes ago, I wrote on another thread how pleased I was.

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I’m getting this error as well, is it really problem with the SD card, or is it a problem with the last updated?

I’m afraid I never got to the bottom of this. Many folk claimed “I’ve been using good quality SD cards, with a 2500mA PSU for 3 years and never had a moment of trouble.” Many others claimed “Yeah, I found Home Assistant killed my SD cards, too.”

Shortly after this post, I quit using HassIO and installed Home Assistant on an old refurbished Linux notebook. Its a minor pain, but a good learning experience, installing the individual components. The only thing is I haven’t got Configurator to auto-run (but that’s my inexperience with Linux). I don’t even miss the plug-ins.

Same problem here recently. Things overall have been pretty stable. This is the first encounter of this error. Not sure I’m convinced it’s the SD card. Would an SD card fail in this same manner for everyone? Doubtful to me, but I’m not claiming to be an expert.

yes me too :frowning: and my sd card is the most expensive I found barely 6 months ago…
My hass.io version is : 0.89.1 and of course cant upgrade

On consideration (and having had my HA running perfectly on a netbook since my original post) I strongly believe this was something to do with the logging file. I’ve noticed that mine grows by about 100Mb per DAY! It’s not really an awful lot, but maybe the flash card was taking a pounding.