Home Assistant upgrade

I want to share my Home Assistant(HA) upgrade from Raspberry Pi4(with meuk SD Card) to Raspberry Pi4(with SSD)

So my setup WAS:

  • Raspberry Pi4 with meuk(Dutch for Mehhh/Cheap) SD card, 5v Adapter
  • Conbee2 USB
  • DSMR (USB)

I will not go into details about my Integrations (Unifi, ZHA, Hue, Apple, etc etc++)
So, what kept nagging: The meuk SD card will break in the end.
My question was: How can I transfer my current HA installation to a new installation with minimal downtime?

Downtime == angry occupants. angry occupants == Hell == exit Home Automation. So that’s a big No-No.

Answer(Duhhh/Dohhhh) == Snapshots.

So what did I do?

  • Ordered and received a new Raspberry Pi4 with SSD.
  • On the old HA: Create a full snapshot and I gave it a random name: Yes you can.
  • On the old HA: Copied the Yes you can snapshot to my Windows workstation. You need Samba share add-on for that.
  • On the old HA: Copied the Samba configuration into text file.
  • On the old HA: Shutdown the HA Host.
  • On the old HA: Tranferred DRMR USB and Conbee2 USB stick to the new HA system.
  • On the new HA: Booted and performed regular Onboarding on the new HA. (same HA name/username/password)
  • On the new HA: Ignored discovered Intergrations.
  • On the new HA: Installed Samba share add-on.
  • On the new HA: Paste the Samba configuration into samba config file.
  • On the new HA: Copy the snapshot to the backup directory.
  • On the new HA: Perfomed a full restore from: Yes you can.
  • On the new HA: Waited for the Restore to be completed.
  • Done and for me: Everything worked. :slight_smile:

Of course some details are missing.
If you have any questions, just let me know.

Keep up the good work Paulus, Frenck and Bram.

@Delta_Flyer , why where you are at the "On the new HA: Booted and performed regular Onboarding on the new HA. ", you didn’t select the below option “alternatively you can restore from a previous snapshot”? It save you all the next steps :slight_smile:


After a fresh install just access the HA UI for the new pi from your windows machine where you have a copy of the previous snapshot saved.

Go to “Snapshot” tab on the Supervisor, click the three dots on top right and select “upload snapshot”.

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Ok, for real, did I missed that option? :frowning:

Thanks! I totally did not see that option. “upload snapshot”. LOL

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@bremby and @PanMat

Thanks for your feedback, I overthought my problem. :slight_smile:

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